Harbour Air eBeaver Electric Aircraft
Harbour Air’s “eBeaver” took to the skies in Vancouver, British Columbia for a 10-minutes proof-of-concept test flight, piloted by company CEO and founder, Greg McDougall. This aircraft is basically a modified de Havilland DCH-2 Beaver, fitted with a 750 horsepower electric motor from Redmond, Washington-based Magnix. Read more for a video and additional information.

MagniX and Harbour Air are now set to begin the certification / approval process of the electric propulsion system and retrofitting of aircraft. Once the certification is complete, the rest of the fleet will be equipped with MagniX’s all-electric propulsion technology.

Today, we made history. I am incredibly proud of Harbour Air’s leadership role in re-defining safety and innovation in the aviation and seaplane industry. Canada has long held an iconic role in the history of aviation, and to be part of this incredible world-first milestone is something we can all be really proud of,” said McDougall.

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