Russian Robot Man in Suit

Russia24, a major news channel, touted “Boris” as “the country’s most modern robot,” but all is not as it seems. While it may look similar to Honda’s Asimo, internet users were quick to point out a few irregularities, like how its head seemed to only have LED lights for eyes / mouth, without any noticeable sensors. Or, how it didn’t have any speakers or even a microphone anywhere close to it when speaking, despite a robotic voice booming from the venue’s speakers. Why? Well, the real reason is because the robot is actually the Alesha Robot Costume, which can be purchased for $3,765. Read more for another video and a picture of the actual costume.

The final question that most people seemed to have was “why did Boris look so bulky compared to other humanoid robots?”. Honda’s Asimo and other advanced robots were slim, and had hinged arms, legs, as well as a very slim waist, but this one looked like it was designed for a human to fit comfortably inside it.

“The shocking resemblance between the so-called advanced robot unveiled yesterday and the Alesha suit is solid enough proof that news outlets like Russia24 made a blunder, but they could claim that it was an honest mistake. However, TJournal recently posted a photo of Boris the robot from behind which clearly shows a man’s neck inside the suit. It was originally shared on Twitter by Yaroslavl News, whose footage Russia24 showed during their program, so many are claiming that Russia24 cannot say that it was deceived by the organizers,” reports Oddity Central.