Honda Prologue Electric SUV
The Honda Prologue electric SUV is set to launch in 2024, and it’s the company’s first model to be designed primarily through virtual reality visualization technology. Its styling suggests an adventure-ready SUV that is no only capable of satisfying everyday driving, but also weekend adventures in the backcountry.

Honda Prologue Electric SUV
Aesthetically, the exterior symbolizes the clean, simple and timeless values of the global Honda design direction, complete with a long wheelbase, shorter overhang as well as a strong stance. This electric vehicle was designed at the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles in partnership with a Honda design team in Japan. Hopefully, Honda releases this electric Ridgeline pickup truck that looks to be from Halo Infinite.

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Honda Prologue Electric SUV

As the project leader for the exterior design of the Honda Prologue, it was very exciting to work with a young team of designers with new capabilities to create an SUV with clean, simple lines and a strong influence from our global EV models, including the Honda e. We balanced that with a neo-rugged look that you see in our current lineup to ensure Prologue represents a true Honda EV,” said Jiro Ikeda, Exterior Design Leader.

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