Hover 2 Self-Flying 4K Drone

Photo credit: Kickstarter
The original Hover drone by Zero Zero Robotics, also known as the “selfie drone,” is getting a successor, thanks to Kickstarter. Set to ship in April 2019, this updated model features improved obstacle avoidance (Optical Radar), visual tracking and upgraded internal components, including a new Snapdragon CPU. It uses a two-axis gimbal with electronic image stabilization to keep the 4K video and 12-megapixel photos silky smooth, while movie-inspired filters and music keep things interesting. and a battery that’s capable of going 23 minutes on a charge. Early bird backers can snag one for just $399. Read more for a selection of fascinating images from around the web.

15. Masterpiece

Irithyll – Acrylic Painting

14. Bridge

Hiking in Switzerland.

13. If it was Real

Harry Potter – The Burrow, Weasley's family home

12. They’re Out There

There's an alien hidden in our dollar bills.

11. Star Trek

The Next Generation

10. Otter Problems

BREAKING NEWS: Log inconveniences small water sausage.

9. Colorful

Go to New Zealand, climb a mountain, meet a bird-friend, snap the photo of a lifetime.

8. Breathtaking

The valley of 72 waterfalls

7. Unconventional

Log Art

6. Not Your Everyday Cosplay

Soo I cosplayed a Loot Box from Overwatch!

5. Stealthy Classic

Datsun 280Z

4. For When You’re Bored

How to make a money jet

3. Quite the Feat

I conquered the behemoth!

2. Adventurers

Mexico's ancient works.

1. Oddly Satisfying

Objects as spaceships

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