Imaginary Friend Artificial Intelligence Microwave Oven
Photo credit: Lucas Rizzotto
Lucas Rizzotto wanted to bring his childhood imaginary friend to life by using an AI microwave. Magnetron started out as the microwave in his family’s kitchen many years ago, and this imaginary friend had lived a storied life, including a stint in World War I. After OpenAI released a new GPT3 natural language model, Rizzotto decided to resurrect his old friend, but this time, using an Amazon Smart Microwave.

After the new AI microwave arrived, Rizzotto then trained the AI model with data from his childhood, such as the interactions he had with Magnetron. This enabled the AI to resurrect his friend, but things did not work out quite as planned. You see Lucas had actually written a book about his time with Magnetron as a childhood and then uploaded it into the GPT3 language model. So, this new AI friend did not take kindly to him due to its traumatic WWI experience, along with the many years of not having any conversations with it. Thankfully, Magnetron does not have the powers of Leonidas.

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Imaginary Friend Artificial Intelligence Microwave Oven

After I was done with the training, it was finally time to test it. And IT WORKED! Talking to it was both beautiful & eerie. It truly felt like I was talking to an old friend, and even though not all interactions were perfect, the illusion was accurate enough to hold,” said Lucas.

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