Toasters are great for heating bread, waffles, and just about whatever else you’d like toasted, but what if you want more? Well, there’s always the option of modding it. Continue reading to see five incredible and geeky toaster mods.

1. NES Toaster

At first glance, it may look like a standard toaster, but insert an NES cartridge and you’ve got a functional game console. Features include: front lever wired to turn console on/off, A/V jacks, LEDs, and two controller ports. This one was created by modder Stupidfingers.

2. i-Toast

What was once a broken Sunbeam toaster has been transformed into a fully-functional Mac computer, called the iToast. Inside, you’ll find original iMac 233 internals, 4GB hard drive, 160MB of RAM, and an optical drive that pops out like a slice of toast. The i-Toast “is ground fresh with Jaguar 10.2.8.”

3. VHS Toaster

Though this device may look like a standard toaster, it’s unfortunately only compatible with slices of bread — they come out nice and toasty after a few seconds. Plus, the letters VHS actually get burned onto the toast. Instruction page.

4. Toaster PC

Similar to the geeky PS2 toaster (below), these modders used a real toaster (GE 4-slot chrome toaster), gutted it, and then stuffed a PC inside. Powering this computer is a Via M9000 motherboard, 40GB HDD, 512MB of RAM, and a slim Panasonic 4x DVD drive.

5. PSToast

Built by DeviantArt member Ryou-chan, this toaster isn’t just for looks, or heating bread for that matter — all the innards were removed, but it functions rather as a PlayStation 2 console. All functionality has been retained, including the now top-loading disc drive.