Infiniti G37 ZEDRO Notorious
This is not a supercar, just the ZEDRO Notorious, an exotic car based on the Infiniti G37. The Lebanese shop based in the UAE is capable of tuning the factory G37 V6 engine to an eye-watering 1,250 horsepeower, with upgrades that include a twin-turbocharger system that enable it to sprint from 0-62 mph in ust 3.4 seconds. There’s also a tamer starter model that can hit 62 mph in a more normal 5.2 seconds. Read more for a video and additional information.

The body can be made from fiberglass or carbon fiber depending on the trim, while everything else can be catered to the customer’s needs, such as the the interior material, special wheels, headlights, and even taillights. In other words, each one is built to order, with prices starting at $65,000. There’s no word yet on when we’ll see a top-of-the-line model being tested.