Insta360 Link AI-Powered 4K Webcam
Here’s a first look at Insta360 Link, an AI-powered 4K webcam that comes mounted on a 3-axis gimbal to always keep the user in frame and it even responds to gesture controls. Its 4K resolution and industry-leading 1/2″ sensor combine to provide you with several versatile modes like DeskView, which allows users to quickly switch between showing their face and their tabletop.

There’s also an HDR mode that offers greater balance between highlights and shadows in the image to ensure the background isn’t blown out by a nearby window or other light source. The 3-axis gimbal lens won’t require any human input, as it uses AI tracking to follow the user’s movement, keeping them perfectly centered at all times. Plus, automatic framing and zooming rids theneed to manually adjust the camera during a call. Available now directly from Insta360, priced at $299.99 USD. Or, you could just turn the original Game Boy Camera into a webcam.

Razer Kiyo Pro Streaming Webcam: Uncompressed 1080p 60FPS - High-Performance Adaptive Light Sensor - HDR-Enabled - Wide-Angle Lens with Adjustable FOV - Lightning-Fast USB 3.0
  • Uncompressed Full HD 1080p Webcam: Experience smooth and vibrant professional quality with the highest fidelity through uncompressed Full HD 1080p 60FPS video – Works great for streaming, gaming, recording, video calling, conferencing, and online school
  • Adaptive Light Sensor: Packed with technology that enables the webcam to adapt to the lighting condition for picture-perfect clarity in any environment
  • Superior Low-Light Performance: Reduces graininess and brings out details to show you in the best light even in darker environments
  • HDR-Enabled: Make your stream pop with a full spectrum of vibrant colors by activating HDR at 30FPS, which ramps up your video’s dynamic range while correcting over and underexposed areas
  • Wide-Angle Lens with Adjustable FOV: Find the right amount of visual space you need to display on camera with a large aperture, wide-angle lens that can be customized across three field-of-view options using Razer Synapse

Insta360 Link AI-Powered 4K Webcam

Link’s ultra-precise AI tracking algorithms and premium imaging hardware make communicating remotely more intuitive than ever before. Developing Insta360 Link was a natural evolution of our mission to help people share their lives. With the pandemic shifting work to our homes at an unprecedented rate, we saw the opportunity to help people ‘work from home’ better with our expertise in AI image processing,” said JK Liu, Founder of Insta360.