Game Boy Camera Webcam
Photo credit: Bernard
Nintendo originally released the Game Boy Camera on February 21, 1998 and it was designed to capture grayscale photographs or create original drawings as well as transferring images between units or to the 64DD art game suite Mario Artist. It boasted a 180°-swivel camera that enabled users to capture selfies. Images could be printed to thermal paper with the Game Boy Printer. The cartridge itself contains minigames based on Nintendo’s early games such as the arcade video game Space Fever and the Game & Watch handheld game Ball, and a chiptune music sequencer. Bernard Capulong managed to turn this device into a functional webcam. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

Before attempting this, you’ll need a Game Boy Camera cartridge, Super Game Boy 2, an Analogue Super Nt or a Super Nintendo/Super Famicom console with an upscale, a video capture card, and an external microphone. After putting everything together, you’ll have a webcam that works with Zoom or almost any other video streaming software. As you can see, the one downside is the video quality, but its novelty should more than make up for it.