Man Ring Multitool

There are multi-function tools, and then the $385 Man Ring. The ring, designed by Bruce Boone in Georgia, is made-to-order from aerospace grade titanium, has fold out plates that include a variety of tiny blades for different uses. When taken off the finger, you can use a tiny bottle opener inside, as well as a straight blade for cutting tape or fishing line and a serrated blade for hacking though tough packaging. Continue reading for a hands-on video, more information and the company’s website.

“Another fold-out metal plate has a miniature saw attached which can be used to cut plastic and wood. There is even a tiny comb, which according to the firm, ‘does a surprisingly good job on the ‘stache or head,'” says The Daily Mail. Boone adds: “This utility ring is not to be confused with a toy. It is a finely engineered and crafted piece of functional art that anyone would be proud to wear.” More information.

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