Massive Catfish

The catfish you see above looks to be straight from Photoshop, but it’s entirely real. On February 19, Italian fishermen and twin brothers Dino and Dario Ferrari caught a massive 280-pound wels catfish – also known as a sheatfish – in Italy’s Po Delta.Italian media outlets quickly dubbed the creature “the monster of the Po.” News outlets report that Ferrari’s 8-foot-9-inch-long catfish is likely the largest of its kind to be caught with a rod and reel. Dino says: “It’s a silurus glanis [the Latin name for the species]. The American catfish doesn’t grow to such large dimensions – at most it can weigh 50kg. They don’t range over very large distances, they tend to live in the same stretch of river, moving just a few kilometres either way. They eat all types of fish. To catch them you need a lot of patience but also physical strength. We fought for 40 minutes to reel it in. We tired it out and then lifted it out of the water.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Giant Catfish


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