Japan Space Habitat Artificial Gravity Moon Mars
Japanese researchers from Kyoto University and Kajima Corp. have proposed building space habitats with artificial gravity on the Moon and Mars. These massive structures would have their very own transportation system to make it easy to move between living, dining, sleeping, etc. modules. This artificial gravity would be generated by centrifugal force, or in other words, rotating sections.

The main building, called ‘The Glass’, would make a full rotation every 20 seconds, thus ensuring that the artificial gravity remains constant, just like what one would experience here on Earth. These habitats would be filled with water, lush greenery and plenty of homes. Think of this as what you saw in ‘Elysium’, which means that these communities would probably be aimed at the ultra wealthy. For those who prefer staying here on Earth, there’s the LOKI Basecamp Falcon Camper for the Tesla Cybertruck.

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There is no plan like this in other countries’ space development plans. Our plan represents important technologies crucial to ensuring human beings will be able to move to space in the future. When a person grows under a zero or low gravity environment, their body would change so they wouldn’t be able to stand up on earth,” said Yosuke Yamashiki, director of the SIC Human Spaceology Center of Kyoto University.

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