KODA Robot Dog
Unlike the $75,000 Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, KODA’s robot boasts a hybrid AI model of centralized and decentralized engines, which means its brain not only processes the challenges they encounter throughout the day, such as climbing stairs or walking on gravel, but the obstacles of every robotic dog in the pack. Each one of these robots is connected to a secure blockchain network, making it the industry first decentralized AI mind for sharing data points, processing optimal solutions and acquiring skills. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.

This robotic dog features four 3D cameras (front, back, and both sides of the body), a 13-megapixel camera on the front to capture photographs, a fully functional head / tail piece, 14 high-torque motors with 2 motors on the neck, for dog-like mobility, and a 11 Teraflop processing unit. Over time, the robot will learn when an owner is sad, depressed, happy, or excited, and behave in an appropriate manner for these human emotions.

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KODA Decentralized AI Social Robot Dog
KODA Decentralized AI Social Robot Dog

KODA is a marriage of design and science. It is a functional piece of home technology, a family pet, and a piece of art all at once. KODA represents access to computing power few have ever had in the home before. Those who take this opportunity to be an original owner of a KODA, will be able to watch its decentralized AI in action as it evolves from a puppy-like state to a robotic dog with the intelligence of a supercomputer,” said Emma Russell, CEO of KODA.


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