Kodak DC260 Digital Camera DOOM
Back in 1998, digital cameras were quite expensive to say the least, including the Kodak Digital Science DC260 Zoom, which was priced at $1,575 if the MSRP is adjusted for inflation. Featuring a 1.6-megapixel CCD image sensor, 3x optical zoom, CompactFlash storage, a 66MHz PowerPC CPU and 8MB of RAM, all running Digita OS. Read more to see just how well DOOM runs on the camera.

Best of all, you aren’t restricted to playing on the tiny LCD on the rear of the camera, as the Kodak DC260 camera supports composite video output so you can hook it up to a larger TV set for marathon DOOM sessions. To install the game, simply download the files, move them to the proper folders, and then you’ll be able to launch the game from the camera’s Applications menu.