3D LED Cube
LED cubes are nothing special or new, but this one has individual blocks that can be programmed to respond to movement. This may be just a prototype, but the application are endless, as it can be used for things like: a 3D Snake game, an audio responsive wallpaper engine, weather, or even an AI that has an idle animation that responds to your voice, similar to Siri and Alexa. Read more for a video and additional information.

How would it work for a game of Snake? Well, the 2D panels can be used to create 3D geometry. For example, a long snake can go around the corner and hit itself by turning 90° twice. Since it’s in 2D, the snake won’t register the edge of the cube and will be surprised to see its own tail ahead of it just after two turns. However, on a 2D plane, for the snake to hit itself, it needs to make three right angled turns. Just a collection of 2D panels can create geometry, or in this case, a manifold, that requires 3 dimensions.