LEGO Atari 2600 Video Game console Set 10306 Leak
The LEGO Atari 2600 video game console set (10306) has allegedly leaked ahead of its release this summer. It celebrates the console’s 40th / 45th anniversary and reportedly costs $199.99 USD. Just like the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, this set also comes with at least one brick version of the famous CX40 joystick, complete with a red plastic button. No other details have been leaked, but more information is sure to come out in the coming month(s).

Atari originally launched the VCS in 1977 for the North American market with nine basic, low-resolution games in 2KB cartridges. Its first blockbuster hit was the home port of Taito’s arcade game Space Invaders in 1980. This console became so successful that it lead to the founding of Activision and other third-party game developers, while other console manufacturers, such as Mattel and Coleco, also popped up. Nowadays, even Google’s DeepMind AI has mastered Atari games.

LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 Gameplay Building Set, Model Kits for Adults to Build, DIY Creative Activity, Collectible Gift Idea
  • Build an interactive, 1980s-style TV set displaying the classic Super Mario Bros. game & activate it with LEGO Mario figure (not included)
  • Authentic details of the NES console are recreated in LEGO style, including a controller and an opening slot for the buildable Game Pak
  • The TV has a handle-operated scrolling screen, Mario figure reacts to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups when placed on the top

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