LEGO Forma Adults

LEGO sets are fun for all ages, but now, the Danish company introduces the Forma line, which promises “a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side.” The Koi fish set, priced at $46 (currently sold out), boasts 294 pieces, while replaceable skins enables you to transform the model into a shark as well as other creatures. These sets “are designed to help you reconnect with your imagination and disconnect from the stress of life (and) discover the simple satisfaction of building with your hands,” according to the LEGO Forma site. Read more for another video, additional information, and the Indiegogo page.

“Currently in prototype stage, the model has ‘well-designed, sturdy pieces’ that when completed ‘form a dynamic frame,’ LEGO Forma says. ‘It’s a thoughtful, creative challenge that’s still simple enough to be completed in a couple hours.’ Evidently, many LEGO lovers are hooked. Already LEGO has surpassed its initial goal of 500 sales by five times; the campaign will run for another month,” reports USA Today. Indiegogo page.