Lenin Darth Vader

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Ukrainians have transformed a statue of Vladimir Lenin into one of Darth Vader, and joined The Dark Side. One masked villain actually tried joining last year’s presidential race, but was denied registration only after he refused to disclose his real name and identity papers. Later that year, several Darth Vader characters ran as candidates for mayors of Kiev and Odessa, the historic Black Sea port where the new statue was formally unveiled Friday. However, it’s not just a static sculpture, but rather one that is also a Wi-Fi hotspot. Continue reading for more pictures, another video and additional information.

“The idea was obvious since the Darth Vader movement has been at the centre of Ukrainians’ attention in recent years. There is a Wi-Fi router into the statue’s head so he can “communicate with the other Siths. After the de-communisation law was adopted earlier this year, we had to decide what to do with the monument (of Lenin). Honestly, I did not like the idea of destroying it, so we decided on a more flexible solution,” said Oleksandr Milov, the new statue’s sculptor.


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