Lenovo Flexible Laptop
With Samsung releasing a flexible smartphone next year, bendy laptops aren’t too far off, and this conceptual device from Lenovo proves it. This computer will use “new screen technologies” to enable users to fold it when not in use, complete with a flexible display that stretches across most of the laptop and curves towards the keyboard. It will also offer voice control and of course retain the iconic red pointing stick found on current ThinkPads. A company representative mentioned that it will be constructed from “advanced materials”, but unfortunately, no other technical specifications were released, though it’s safe to say that most components will have to be custom-built to safely fit the bendy chassis if this ever makes it into prototype form. Read more for additional interesting images from around the web.

15. Interesting Livery

Tiger faced Boeing 747

14. Mind Warping

Staircase design

13. Cramped, Yet Functional Design

Crew quarters aboard USS Missouri. The curved wall on the left is the armored outer wall of one of the main gun turrets. 

12. Snowy Maze in Poland

Humans taking over jobs formally held by Rats

11. Perfectly Timed

Perfect timing to capture this Supermoon resting in a radio telescope!

10. Breathtaking


9. Legendary Cosplay

Reaper of Souls: Crusader

8. The More You Know

Australian Blue Banded Bee

7. His & Hers

Couple Gaming Setup

6. Surreal

Cosy scene at Grindelwald Switzerland

5. Multi-Function Furniture

DIY sturdy convertible couch with storage room

4. All-Natural

Mother nature makes a cane

3. Only in Japan


2. Sentinel Island

Some Facts About North Sentinel Island

1. The Not So Red Planet

NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars