Lex Bionic Wearable Chair
LEX, a bionic wearable chair by Astride Bionix, is designed to improve posture and comfort, but at a price. At $250, it consists of a pair of folding aluminum legs attached to a pad that clips onto the wearers’ backside and turns solid ground into a chair. It’s already exceeded its initial $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter campaign, and has now raised over $143,000. Read more for a video and additional information.

Astride Bionix says that LEX can also reduce physical stress by alleviating some of it caused by wearing large backpacks or other bags that often put distress on your spine. The company is officially calling a ‘load distribution module’, or small platform that one can rest their bag on. Kickstarter page.

“Almost all of us have suffered from bad posture, felt fatigue on long commutes and weighed down by heavy backpacks. These physical issues are vexing, ever-present and can not be solved by smartphone applications or digital gadgets,’ said the company.