Lexus IS Wax Record Player
The Lexus IS Wax Edition, which is basically a modified 2021 Lexus IS sports sedan, is probably the world’s first and only with a fully functional turntable built into the dashboard capable of playing vinyl records. It was put together by legendary DJ and producer MC Madlib and chart-topping artist and producer KAYTRANADA to create a brand-new double-single on vinyl. The record player was created with a 3D printer and modified with carbon fiber as well as machined aluminum. Read more for a video and additional information.

The record player is nestled into the vehicle’s glovebox and large enough to play a full-size 12-inch record. Once the needle hits the grooves, a rotating motor stabilizes the turntable to avoid skipping when the vehicle is in motion, while the enhanced suspension system of the Lexus IS provides a smooth, stable ride. Unfortunately, this vehicle was designed to celebrate the launch of the 2021 Lexus IS sports sedan, and will not be for sale.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers | Upgraded Turntable Audio Sound| Includes Extra Stylus | Black, Model Number: VSC-550BT-BK
  • THREE SPEED BELT-DRIVEN TURNTABLE - This 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) suitcase record player features UPGRADED PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY and sits on sound isolating feet that prevent vibration. It is perfect for your living room, bedroom or office.
  • TAKE YOUR TUNES ANYWHERE - Housed in a vintage suitcase with an easy carry handle, Victrola's blend of retro and contemporary design give you the ultimate flexibility to listen to music where you want and how you want – a great choice for vinyl lovers
  • EXPANDED CONNECTION OPTIONS - Stream smartphone audio through the turntable’s built-in Bluetooth speakers. Easily connect external speakers via the stereo RCA outputs, or use the Line input for non-Bluetooth devices like a CD player. For personal listening, connect your headphones to the headphone jack.
  • NO STEREO SYSTEM OR EXTRA EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. Get it up and running in minutes. Retro looks combined with the convenience of modern technology makes this affordable record player ideal for beginners & vintage enthusiasts
  • ALL THE CONTROLS YOU NEED - Features an Input select knob, Power/Volume Knob & an Auto stop switch that stops spinning records once the record is finished playing.

When I make music, I usually do it in headphones, so I hear everything clear. And I take it to the car, test it out. Every time. That’s the big test. To have the turntable in a Lexus? That’s beyond. When Lexus said they wanted to build this car, I didn’t think it was possible. It was amazing to see and hear vinyl playing while cruising in a car,” said DJ and producer MC Madlib and chart-topping artist and producer KAYTRANADA.