Limited Run Games Star Wars
Limited Run Games partnered with LucasArts to release physical cartridges of Star Wars for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy packaged in what looks like toy boxes from the 1980s. Unfortunately, these games won’t come with any limited edition action figures, but we do know that both will be available this Friday, June 28th, alongside Bounty Hunter, which only comes in a standard PS4 box. Read more for the official Tweet and additional information.

“Star Wars NES and Game Boy in all their contrived retro-ness will release in two limited batches on June 28 at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET respectively. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (another random one, but more understandable) will also re-release at that time for PlayStation 4. You can’t accuse Limited Run Games of not having a good hustle with its business,” reports Nintendo Enthusiast.

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