Another day, another supernatural feat, or is it? Similar to this Qi-Gong master from China, 23-year-old Zhang Feng from Zhengzhou, China is a self-proclaimed “Shaolin Sunshine Hand” expert, which purportedly enables him to generate energy through his punches, so much so that it can extinguish candles up to 3-meters away. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Feng says he has been practicing the art of air punching for the last eight years, after doing some online research. He found that the form of “Shaolin Sunshine Hand” was the easiest one among the 72 Matchless Skills of Shaolin, so he started practicing it. At first, he only managed to put out candles just 3 cm away, but as time passed and his skills improved, he was able to extinguish a flame up to 3 meters away.

But during these 8 years of training he used up more candles and lighters than he can remember, and at one point his family got so worried about his obsession that they forbade him from practicing. He continued to do it in secret, and although his family didn’t support his efforts, they stopped opposing him after a while, as long as he didn’t injure himself or set the house on fire.