Microsoft Flight Simulator Ever Given Ship Suez Canal
Efforts to free the Ever Given from the Suez Canal have so far failed, and despite the game using real-time Bing Maps, images shown may not always update immediately. Fortunately, there’s a large group of modders out there who have added it in and ahead of Microsoft’s next map update. The current backlog of ships awaiting transit through the vital Egyptian waterway has grown to 327, causing Syria to impose fuel rationing in an effort to safeguard dwindling oil supplies. Read more for two videos.

Eleven tugboats worked around the clock Saturday alongside the ongoing dredging operations to remove sand and mud from around the Ever Given. Today, two more tugs joined the effort as workers attempted to take advantage of high tides helped by a full moon Sunday night. The full moon offers a spring tide, or to be more specific, when high tides are higher and the low tides are lower because of the effects of gravity during a straight-line alignment of the Earth, the moon and the sun.

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