Microsoft Surface Neo
During Microsoft’s Surface event today, the company unveiled its first dual-screen device, called the Surface Neo, running Windows 10X. No technical specifications were released, but we do know that it features dual 9-inch displays that open up like a book, using a hinge system equipped with micro-gears, a torque system, and ultra-thin components. This means that it can be used as a traditional laptop, tablet, or in other ways. Read more for two videos and additional information.

It measures 5.6mm thick and weighs in at only 655 grams. When the on-screen keyboard just won’t do, you can snap on a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard directly on top of one of the displays, or separately. Since it doesn’t fully cover the display, the exposed area, called the “wonder bar,” can still be used like normal, and dynamically changes depending on where the keyboard is placed. For example, it’s placed on the bottom edge of the display, you’ll see apps, quick-access tools, and more, but if placed in the upper section, it turns into a trackpad.