Mike Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle MTV Concepts
At first glance, it looks like something straight from a science fiction movie set, but in reality, this is actually the Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. This unique creation comes from Mike Vetter of Sebastian, Florida, and this isn’t the first Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV) that he’s built. That’s right, he’s been building them for over 14 years, and his latest ETV measures 15-feet long, powered by a 2.2L engine making 260 horsepower.

What goes into making an ETV? Well, the entire build process takes about 6-months at The Car Factory in Florida. The first step is to cut the wheelbase of the donor vehicle in half before extending it. Next, bespoke body is fabricated from aluminum as well as fiberglass, and then welded onto the wheelbase. For anyone interested, these street legal vehicles are priced from $70,000 USD, but at least one has been customized to the tune of $250,000.

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Mike Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle MTV Concepts

These cars ended up looking too weird to consider a sports car so I went completely off the deep-end and decided futuristic could work,” said Vetter.

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