Million Watt Laser Tattoo Remover eBay
YouTuber “Styropyro” has been known for his high-powered laser experiments, and his latest one is no exception. He was searching for an Nd:YAG laser cavity for a future project when these tattoo removal devices on eBay caught his eye. Some of the listings claimed they had an Nd:YAG laser, but for a fraction of the cost of buying the parts separately. So, he bought one anyways since eBay offered buyer protection in case anything went wrong. Read more to see just how powerful it really is.

Much to Styro’s surprise, it turned out to be an extremely powerful laser, so much so that it can even light the air on fire. The laser head turned out to be a flashlamp pumped, q-switched Nd:YAG laser with a removable KTP frequency doubling tip for the option of green light. He estimates its yield to have a peak output power of about 30 million watts.

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Since the laser can also ignite air, I used this as a benchmark and then estimated peak power with the methods of Gaussian optics. After destroying a bunch of stuff, I use the laser to drive another laser in a dye laser setup. Using the organic dye rhodamine B, I was able to create a beautiful orange laser by blasting the dye with green photons,” said Styro.


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