Modern DeLorean DMC-12
The original DeLorean DMC-12, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, was best known for its gull-wing doors and brushed stainless-steel outer body panels, as well as an innovative fiberglass body structure with a steel backbone chassis. In the beginning, many auto enthusiasts were disappointed at its lack of power and performance, which didn’t match the high price tag, but after 1985, DeLorean became iconic for its appearances as the time machine in the Back to the Future media franchise. Read more to see “TheSketchMonkey” draw a modern version of the vehicle.

Yes, the company is still alive today, as in 1995, Stephen Wynne, a British entrepreneur from Liverpool, formed a separate company based in Texas using the “DeLorean Motor Company” name. Shortly after, Wynne acquired the trademark on the stylized “DMC” logo, along with the remaining parts inventory of the original DeLorean Motor Company. The company still builds new cars at its suburban Humble, Texas headquarters from new old stock (NOS) parts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and reproduction parts on a “made to order” basis using existing VIN plates.