Moons Solar System Earth Comparison
Alvaro Gracia Montoya is a 3D animator known on YouTube as MetaBallStudios who specializes in space-themed features, and his latest project focuses on the many moons in our solar system. They’re are at least 219 known natural satellites, or moons, with 19 of them are large enough to be gravitationally rounded. All of these are covered by a crust of ice except for Earth’s Moon and Io. Read more for a video and additional information.

Many of the largest ones are in hydrostatic equilibrium and would therefore be considered dwarf planets or planets if they were actually in direct orbit around the Sun and not orbiting planets or dwarf planets. These moons can be placed in in two separate categories according to their orbits: regular moons, which have prograde orbits, and irregular moons, whose orbits can be pro- or retrograde.

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