Mpow Mechanical Keyboard

Mpow’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is not only water-resistant, but has 87 anti-ghosting keys with blue switches, all for $26.99 with coupon code: 6VDJXI9J, today only, originally $49.99. The anti-ghosting feature allows multi-keys to work simultaneously. Each key is controlled by an independent switch, ensuring gaming-grade responsiveness with high speed, even when multiple keys are pressed. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: 6VDJXI9J during final checkout to receive the additional discount.

Designed with blue switches, Mpow keyboards have keys that deliver a distinctive tactile feedback to your fingertips in the form of pronounced taps. The keyboard gives you a feeling of assurance that your commands are being executed exactly. As soon as you hit a key, it’ll be executed as a command on the screen. The durability of each switch is up to 60 million keystrokes. More information.

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