Murakami Floating Pictogram Technology Holographic Buttons
Photo credit: Murakami via Gizmodo
There are gesture-based technologies, and then Murakami Corporation’s Floating Pictogram, which is basically a holographic button system that can be installed on public toilets, ATMs, elevators, reception areas, as well as other highly trafficked places. Put simply, the system uses infrared sensors to detect fingers without them having to make contact, enabling one to press buttons that are seemingly floating in mid-air.

Murakami Floating Pictogram Technology Holographic Buttons
Currently, the company is testing the technology on public smart toilets, but this could definitely come in handy on cash registers as well as self-ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, it’s still early in development, so the earliest you’ll see these in public locations in Japan is 2022.

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Murakami Floating Pictogram Technology Holographic Buttons

Murakami will utilize various customer requests in R&D through the proposal of contactless FPT system. In the health and hygiene field, it will also contribute to the development of social infrastructures that enable people worldwide to live in a safe, secure and comfortable manner by providing Murakami’s technology which can ‘serve people’, its management philosophy, based on the high-quality manufacturing cultivated in the automotive industry,” said the company.

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