Chemical ecologist Troy Alexander was recently away on a 3-month volunteer position for the Macaw Project, and while there, he stayed at one of the most remote Amazon Rainforest lodges in South America. It was at this place where he discovered “some kind of egg tower surrounded by a protective barrier (2 cm in diameter) that eerily resembles a white picket fence,” created by a mystery bug. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

To date – no one has been able to identify the structures. Phil Torres, a biologist from Tambopata, posted a link on Twitter to the pictures, equally baffled as to their origin.

William Eberhard, an entomologist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute told the site he had no idea what made it or what it was. Norm Platnick, curator emeritus of spiders at the American Museum of Natural History, added: ‘I’ve seen the photo, but have no idea what animal might be responsible.’

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