Mark Rober YouTuber Glitter Bomb 4
Mark Rober, the famous YouTuber and former NASA engineer, has just unveiled his annual Glitter Bomb 4.0. Why does he make glitter bombs? Well, someone stole a package from his porch around 4-years ago and the police wouldn’t do anything, so he made it his life’s work to engineer some harmless karmic justice. Read more to see what he came up with this year.

This time around, it’s disguised as an Apple HomePod, but one that is more than meets the eye. Glitter Bomb 4.0 starts recording the perpetrator, and then scares them with a new car horn effect after they open the HomePod box right before shooting loads of glitter. Unlike previous iterations, this one has a two cup glitter capacity, good for three sparkling waves of madness.

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