NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter 7th Flight
NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has successfully completed its seventh flight and second within its operations demo phase. It flew for approximately 62.8 seconds and traveled 348-feet south to a new landing spot, snapping several black-and-white navigation photos during flight. The original plan was to retire Ingenuity at the end of April by flying it so high and far that it would crash, but after several successful flights, the plan has changed. Read more for a video and additional information.

Fortunately, there were no mishaps during this flight, unlike the previous one where a part of Ingenuity’s navigation started to glitch, causing the 4-pound aircraft started to move erratically around in mid-air before landing slightly little off-target from its expected destination. How many more flights can we expect? As many as possible, or at least until Ingenuity gives out.

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With each flight we gain additional real world info on the performance of the rotor and its thermal characteristics, which allows us to incrementally increase allowable flight times,” said NASA.