NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Central Butte
NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover is still investigating Central Butte, or to be more specific a little further up the side of the butte, and the goal is to characterize the different units that can be observed. The Geology (GEO) theme group planned both contact science and remote imaging science, while the team investigates contacts (i.e. boundaries) between what appear to be different units of bedrock here. Read more for a video and additional information.

Remote science is a large part of NASA’s work, as in addition to supporting contact science in their current workspace, Mastcam will take several images of the Butte, to help categorize the bedrock units and potential contacts between them. That’s not all, mastcam is set to take multispectral images, which can be extremely useful in identifying differences in rock types that the human eye might miss.

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