Nike PlayStation Sneakers

Nike teamed up with Sony to unveil Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Paul George’s latest signature shoe, the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway, which combines his loves of basketball and gaming. Featuring both his own logo on one tongue and the iconic PS logo on the other, the design is dark blue, with neon sprinkles above the sole. On the technical side, the two logos light up and even vibrate when pressed, similar to real DualShock controllers, and is powered by a non-replaceable 150-hour battery. “It’s amazing the relationship I have with Nike. They really took my inspiration and took my input to heart and created the shoe,” said George. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

15. Brazilian Hospital Ship That Treats Local Villagers Free

Brazil Hospital Ship

14. Mini Wolverine Cosplay

Baby Wolverine

13. Long Exposure Photo of Budapest Tram with 30,000 LEDs

Budapest Tram LEDs

12. Portrait of Dalai Lama Painted by George Bush

George Bush Dalai Lama

11. How Not to Package Radiator Coolant

Turbo Radiator Coolant

10. 130-Foot Tall Genghis Khan Statue in the Manuchurian-Mongoloian Grassland

Genghis Khan Statue

9. Drug Smuggler X-Ray

Drug Smuggler X-Ray

8. Virus Captured by Electron Microscope

Virus Electron Microscope

7. Granite Quarry in Vermont

Granite Quarry

6. Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg


5. Burg Eltz in Germany

Burg Eltz Germany

4. Modern Great White vs. Prehistoric Megalodon Shark

Great White Megalodon

3. Shadow Art with a LEGO Sculpture

Shadow Art LEGO

2. What You Don’t See on Camera

1. Captured with a Smartphone and Telescope