Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. 3 is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was released in Japan on October 23, 1988, North America on February 12, 1990 and Europe on August 29, 1991. Arguably one of the greatest video games of all time, it was created by the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development team, led by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Read more for a fascinating 45-minute look back at this incredible game.

In the game, players control plumbers Mario or Luigi, who must save Princess Toadstool as well as the rulers of seven different kingdoms from the villain Bowser. You defeat enemies by stomping them or using items that bestow magical powers, which include flight, sliding down slopes, throwing fireballs, etc. Unlike previous titles, this one introduces many new elements that became Mario series staples, like Bowser’s children (the Koopalings) and a world map to transition between levels.

Other new power-ups are introduced that provide the player with new options, such as the Super Leaf and Tanooki Suit, which gives Mario raccoon and Tanooki appearances, enabling him to fly. The latter allows him to turn into stone to avoid enemies for a short period of time, and changing into a Tanooki statue while jumping results in Mario pounding the ground and smashing whatever enemies are directly under him. That’s not all, a new Frog Suit increases the character’s underwater swimming speed, agility, and jumping height on land. Last, but not least, the Hammer Suit gives Mario the appearance of the Hammer Brothers enemy and allows him to throw hammers at enemies, along with resisting fire attacks when crouching.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 also includes a multiplayer mode that lets two players play the game by taking turns at navigating the overworld map and accessing stage levels – the first player controls Mario and the second, Luigi. In this mode, players can access several mini-games, including a remake of the original Mario Bros. arcade game.