NVIDIA Autonomous Summon Technology

Why valet park, when autonomous summon technology can have your car navigate parking lots or streets to pick you up? During the GPU Technology Conference last month, Clarion demonstrated its long-range autonomous summon technology, running on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier. Using just a smartphone, you can call a parked, driverless vehicle to a pick-up spot. It automatically navigates around pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles on the route to smoothly meet its passengers. Read more for another video of the NVIDIA Drive AGX and additional information.

The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX self-driving compute platforms are based on NVIDIA Xavier, the world’s first processor designed for autonomous driving. The auto-grade Xavier system-on-a-chip (SoC) is designed for safety by incorporating six different types of processors to run redundant diverse algorithms for AI, sensor processing, mapping as well as driving. DRIVE AGX platforms leverage Xavier and process data from camera, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic sensors to understand the complete 360° environment in real-time, localize itself to a map, and plan a safe path forward.

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