NVIDIA GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Service
NVIDIA announced today that GeForce NOW has launched worldwide, enabling gamers to use the cloud to join in. You’ll be able to play PC games anywhere, on any device by virtually adding a GeForce graphics card to your PC, Mac, SHIELD or Android smartphone. The platform is powered by their world-class GPU architecture and uses Game Ready Drivers for the best performance. Read more for a hands-on look and additional information.

Since you’re playing real PC games, GeForce NOW gives you the precision of keyboard and mouse gaming, as well as optimizations for game controllers. Users can keep playing the games they already own and continue building libraries from the same stores, thus making it an open platform. There’s a free tier that provides one-hour sessions with standard access to GeForce NOW servers and then a premium no-wait, longer session-length premium experience.

We’ll continue to launch new features, including today’s introduction of ray tracing. The holy grail of gaming graphics, ray tracing simulates the physical behavior of light to bring real-time, cinematic-quality rendering to even the most visually intense games. Founders members will have instant access to RTX games,” said the company.

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