Oak Ridge National Lab Portal Parallel Universe
Scientists at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) claim they haven’t opened a portal into a parallel universe and even made a video debunking the myth, which makes it even more suspicious. ORNL, managed by the U.S. Department of Energy, research scientist Leah Broussard says that the experiments being performed are only looking for new ways that matter might interact with dark matter.

This parallel universe theory all began when the scientists wondered if they could send a theorized particle called mirror neutrons through a “portal.” Their experiments hoped to explain the mysterious discrepancy in the lifespan of free neutrons while also capturing the first observation of dark matter. So, they beamed neutrons toward a wall of boron carbide. Neutrons in their normal state should be absorbed by the wall, but, theoretically, the mirror neutrons would pass through the the wall of boron carbide. NASA scientists may have also discovered a parallel universe next to ours.

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Oak Ridge National Lab Portal Parallel Universe

The neutron lifetime is an important parameter in the Standard Model because it is used as an input for calculating the quark mixing matrix, which describes quark decay rates. If the quarks don’t mix as we expect them to, that hints at new physics beyond the Standard Model,” said Frank Gonzalez, co-author now at ORNL.

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