OnePlus 8T Concept Color-Shifting
OnePlus not only makes affordable smartphones, but models with cutting-edge technology as well. Their latest device, the OnePlus 8T Concept, has an entire back panel that uses “Electronic Color, Material, and Finish,” or ECMF for short, which enables it to color shift depending on certain circumstances. How does it work? It boasts millimeter wave (mmWave) technology to generate low-latency interactions with the device itself, like changing color on command. Read more for a video of it in-action and additional information.

This color-shifting technology could come in handy when you receive a call, since it could instantly change or alternate colors. Plus, the mmWave radar module could even allow the user to accept or reject calls without actually touching the device. When not being used for calls, the module could track and replicate your breathing, thus effectively making your smartphone a biofeedback device.

OnePlus 8T Lunar Silver, 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S. Version, 256GB Storage + 12GB RAM, 120Hz Fluid Display, Quad Camera
  • 15 Minutes for a Full Day’s Power – Eliminate charging anxiety with Warp Charge 65. All it takes is a short charge to get you ready for your day.
  • 120Hz Fluid Display – Experience a 6.55” ultra-smooth display, with stunning color accuracy. The OnePlus 8T display refreshes twice as fast as standard displays, making everyday use on the smartphone feel much smoother.
  • 48 MP Quad Camera – Shoot brilliant photos and videos with the 48 MP main camera, a sweeping 16 MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera, a 5 MP Macro Lens for portrait mode, and an all-new Monochrome Lens.
  • 5G Powerhouse Performance – Play the most graphically intensive games and use demanding productivity apps with ease, thanks to the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.
  • 256GB Storage + 12GB RAM – Store more of your favorite apps, games, and media with an expansive 256GB storage. Open apps quickly and smoothly with 12GB of RAM.