OpenAI Dall-e 2 Photorealistic Images Humans Dont Exist
OpenAI’s Dall-e 2 artificial intelligence software is capable of generating photorealistic images of humans who don’t even exist. French photographer Mathieu Stern wanted to prove this, so he used it to create portraits that look to be straight from a fashion magazine. Like any AI system, you need to train it using inputs, and in this case, it was information about the camera Stern was using.

After feeding the AI with information about his camera, lens, the general look of the photograph he was aiming for, the word ‘Graflex’ helped the most. What does that term mean? It’s actually a line of Graflex-branded cameras, first released in 1898, that used the same swinging-mirror, through-the-lens viewing mechanism as modern single lens reflex cameras, introduced many decades later. What he ended up with was a set of great portraits as well as some that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie. A similar AI system can be used to upscale old footage, like these clips from WW2.

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At first the lack of information about the camera, the lens, and the general look of the image, led to rather unimpressive results. So to help Dall-E, some details must be added to the general description, like the lens, the camera, the film, and adding some words like bokeh,” said Stern.

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