Perseids Meteor Shower 2019

The annual Perseid meteor shower peak tonight into Tuesday, and the visible meteor rates will be down from over 60 per hour to 15-20 per hour due to the brightness of the nearly-full moon. How can you watch the show? The best viewing times are between 2 a.m. Tuesday local time and dawn, according to NASA, but some meteors may be visible earlier, around 9 p.m. Monday. However, if you miss the peak, the Perseids will still be around until August 24. Read more for a live stream in case you’re not able to view the meteor shower in person.

The best place to watch the meteor shower for people in the Northern Hemisphere is just away from the bright city lights. A telescope or any other special gear is needed to watch, just let your eyes adjust gradually to the dark night sky. Or, just hit the play button above for the NASA Meteor Watch live camera feed from Alabama.

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