Petoi Bittle Robot Dog Review
Weighing just 290g, Petoi Bittle is a palm-sized open source robot dog that you can build at home. This isn’t a toy, but rather a machine capable of walking, following commands, and even performing a host of tricks, flips included. It runs on OpenCat, an open source Arduino and Raspberry Pi-compatible quadruped robotic pet framework that was developed by Petoi.

At the heart of Bittle is a NyBoard V1, or customized Arduino Uno board capable of driving up to 12 PWM servos, while an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) keeps the robot dog balanced. Best of all, assembly requires no screws whatsoever, as all the connections can basically be clipped on or mounted directly to the board. You control it using Petoi’s official mobile app. In related news, NASA is planning on sending Boston Dynamics’ Spot to Mars.

Petoi Bittle Robotic Dog Open Source Bionic Programable STEM Learning Toy – Endless Coding Possibilities – 3D Puzzle Assembly – Sophisticated Motions – Wireless App Control(Construction Kit)
  • Realistic little Robot Dog construction kit with lots of fun plays: Bittle is the world's first palm-sized, servo-activated bionic robotic dog with 1...
  • Coding / STEAM / STEM / Robotics Learning: build and program your Bittle to perform new skills and tricks whilst harnessing all aspects of STEM...
  • DIY your own robot: an excellent and challenging hands-on learning opportunity to assemble your own robot with 3D puzzle parts. Suitable for adults...

Bittle operates on OpenCat, an open-source quadruped robot platform that fuses multiple gadgets into one organic system, offering endless programming and customization possibilities,” said the company.

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