Photoshop CC Content-Aware Fill New

Adobe’s Photoshop CC October 2018 update adds several new functions, including a new Content-Aware Fill workspace that lets you change the selected source and adapt content based on rotation, scale, and mirroring. Previously, the software was limited to a simple select and delete functionality. In other words, the Content-Aware fill tool can now replace missing sections of a photo with something that doesn’t exist perfectly in the original itself, thanks to artificial intelligence. Read more for another in-depth video along with additional information.

“After selecting the object and opening the updated tool, Photoshop displays a live preview next to an image with a green overlay. That green area shows what parts of the photo the software is using in order to guess what needs to replace the object that you selected. Using a paintbrush tool at the side, photo editors can change what parts of the image to use in that fill,” according to Digital Trends.

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