PlayStation Classic Hack

Sony’s PlayStation Classic was heavily criticized for using the European versions of the 20 included games, mainly because they’re slower due to the PAL television standard, which has a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Now, the miniature console has been hacked to run the games that should have came loaded with it. Since the device is basically an ARM-powered mini PC running an open-source emulator, BleemSync (or gpghax) lets you run any PS1 game you want off a USB drive. This software modifies the PlayStation Classic’s game database to enable one to swap out games with new ones. Simply put, the steps involve modifying the console’s database file to add your desired game(s), load that on a pen drive and then copy your desired game(s) onto it. Read more for another video tutorial and additional information.

There’s also the option of running your own games without changing files on the PlayStation Classic itself by running a modified file, which essentially copies the PlayStation Classic’s system onto a pen drive and then runs everything off that. This means you can modify, add, or remove games without tinkering with the internal storage files.

“If you decide to wait a bit longer, something much simpler will most likely be released and you could add games with just a few clicks on your computer. However, if you don’t feel like waiting and want to hack your console now, you should really check a video tutorial on how to do it,” said Wololo.