PlayStation VR

Set to debut on October 13 at $399, the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset has a 5.7 inch OLED panel, with an RGB sub-pixel matrix resolution of 1080p, or 960xRGBx1080 per eye. The headset also has a processor box which allows the headset to “second screen” the video output directly towards any monitor, as well as elevate the 3D audio effect used in 3.5mm headphone jacks. Continue reading for another video and more information.

The headset also has 9 positional LED’s on its surface for the PlayStation Camera to track 360 degree head movement, and connects to the PlayStation by HDMI or USB. PlayStation VR is capable of rendering two different images simultaneously: one display for the headset and a completely different image for television. The purpose, Sony says, is to prevent VR from invariably being a solitary experience


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