Pop it Pal Pimple Squeezing

Just when you thought novelty gadgets couldn’t get any stranger, “Pop it Pal” surfaces. It’s basically a rubber slab that comes in two colors and spews artificial “all organic” pus when you pop a pimple. It gets even weirder, as you can also buy refill bottles of the fake pus on the website for near endless fun. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The Pop It Pal is the brainchild of Billy and Summer Pierce, a couple of outspoken ‘pickers’, people who love watching pimple popping videos online. Billy confesses that he hoped the toy would make his wife stop trying to pop every little black spot she noticed on his face, and it did, but it also proved to be a massive hit. The Pierces have been struggling to keep up with demand ever since the Pop It Pal launched, earlier this year, and it’s gotten even worse since their invention went viral last week,” reports Oddity Central.