Powerup 4.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane
Created by Israeli inventor Shai Goitein, PowerUp 4.0 builds upon its predecessors and adds a few new features. This high-tech system consists of a front module with the electronics and a battery linked by a carbon fiber shaft to a motor module in the back. You then clip this onto a paper airplane folded according to instructions included in the kit. Yes, this new version includes autopilot. Read more for a video and additional information as well as the Kickstarter page.

This new model features an accelerometer and a gyroscope in the front module, along with dual motors in the rear. It uses an integrated flight-control microprocessor to ensure perfect hand-launches despite bad paper-folding and even crosswinds. The autopilot function found in the app enables users to tap an onscreen button to automatically perform stunts, such as loops and barrel rolls. You’ll also find real-time analytics, like heading, thrust level and turning angle in the app. During the crowdfunding campaign, one kit can be reserved for as little as $49. Kickstarter page.