Razer Gaming Headset Stray Bullet
Photo credit: Enough Dance 956
It’s not everyday that a gaming accessory saves someone’s life, much less a headset, but that’s allegedly what happened here. An 18-year-old who goes by “Enough_Dance_956” on Reddit was just gaming when a stray bullet suddenly went through their window at around 10:30am and grazed the headset, destroying the headband. Apparently, the bullet was shot by someone nearby, possibly just a block away.

Razer Gaming Headset Stray Bullet
The stray bullet fortunately ricocheted through the headset and did not cause any injury to the teen, but if they had moved then it might have been a different story. One user stated that it looks like the round was starting to express slight procession and lost quite a bit of its initial velocity due to it traveling some distance and through glass.

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Razer Gaming Headset Stray Bullet

Please help me reach to Razer I need to thank them. I’m very lucky to be alive. If i moved a inch forward or back i would’ve been dead. So thank you again for taking your time to read this,” said the person.

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